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Top 5 Places Where Rodeos are Popular with Teenagers

Rodeo is an ultimately competitive and impressive sport that first appeared in Spain but then spread all around the globe. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular sports not only with cowboys but some other adventurous and risky people. Today, the United States hosts most of the rodeos, with some well-known events still taking place in Canada, France, and other countries. The vast majority of sports shows involve horses or other livestock. The main goal is to challenge cowboys and cowgirls and test their skills, including speed, attention, and reaction.
Despite the vast majority of rodeos involve adult participants, there are lots of organizations that govern the school, college, and other types of sports events. In fact, it is hard to deny that rodeos are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers in some countries. More and more students search for speedypaper assistance or other academic help in order to get more time to practice their riding skills.
It takes much persistence and determination to become a professional and experienced cowboy, but the effort may be worth the result. Therefore, if you are still at school or college, you need to work hard to balance studying with rodeo experience. Find out the most reliable and trustworthy review of the custom academic assistance to enjoy your hobby and remain successful at college. If you are ready to watch a spectacular sports show or even strive to participate in one, check out the list of the top five rodeos that are popular with teenagers and opt for the best.

Calgary Stampede

Held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, it is one of the biggest and most anticipated rodeo festivals around the globe. The event attracts thousands of tourists and rodeo enthusiasts, who get a unique chance to watch the show and enjoy other activities. Agricultural displays, music performances, and a plethora of parades will provide you with a quality pastime.


The rodeo festival has been organized for over 15 years, attracting passionate cowboys, cowgirls, and other visitors. The event takes place in Saint-Agreve, France, and lasts for several days. The festival features non-stop country music, line dancing, and fantastic rodeos. However, the highlight of the EquiBlues is usually preserved for the last day, when the most experienced cowboys and girls compete for a money prize.

Cheyenne Frontier Days

Unlike the diversity of other rodeos, Cheyenne Frontier Days, which is held in Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States, is a large outdoor event. The history of the sports show goes back to 1897, but the event is still popular for its exclusive attractions and exciting activities. Besides, it is impossible to forget about the professional rodeo, with participants competing for about $1 million.

Williams Lake Stampede

It is another world-known event that takes place in Williams Lake, BC, Canada. The event is exceptionally popular with rodeo-enthusiasts, who have an opportunity to enjoy the fantastic competitions and spend quality time watching other shows.

Greeley Stampede

The rodeo has an exceptionally long history that goes back to the late 1800s. Held in Greeley, Colorado, United States, the rodeo honors potato farmers, so has numerous related shows and competitions. Additionally, the Greeley Stampede is known for its kid’s rodeo, where little cowboys and girls can show their skills.

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