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God’s Love Never Fails

I have faith in God, as I believe the sun will rise; I can see it and it brightens up everything around me. Every day it’s the same routine, we don’t doubt that the sun will rise each morning, just like we shouldn’t doubt that God is keeping us safe. When I wasn’t connected to God, I felt like everything was falling apart. Now that I’m faithful, I can see everything around me clearer because God is making a path for me. I can see the works of God around me. I see him in the clouds painted in the morning sky, I can see the trees he planted in the warm summer ground, and I can especially see him in the face of my baby nephew. I can feel that God is walking with me in my day-to-day walk because I’m faithful.
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Psalms 119:105 says “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” This simply states that God’s word is like our light as we walk throughout our day. This interprets us like we’re walking through a city of darkness and keep falling off of the right path because we aren’t able to see where we’re walking without the light of God. The Bible verse helps prove my belief of faith because I feel like, without that connection to God, we cannot see where the right or the wrong path is. We could be walking in circles and putting ourselves through the same situations without even realizing it simply because we’re weak when we don’t realize that God is there for us.
You’ll feel more peaceful when you know that God is in control. When you finally let go of all that is hurting you and give it all to God, that’s when he whispers, “I’ve got you.” God will take care of you no matter the situation. I use to be all bundled up all the time, and I kept to myself. On occasions, I still do, but ever since I let go of everything, and was aware that God had me and that I didn’t need to worry about it made me feel much better. When you let God take control of your life, and stop trying to map your life out, I promise, you will feel better.
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Lauren Daigle’s hit song “Trust In You” sings “Your ways are always higher. Your plans are always good. There's not a place where I'll go. You've not already stood.” Her song is about putting your trust in God and letting yourself be free of worry because you know that God isn’t going to let you fall. I feel as if she’s trying to express to her listeners that it is okay to not be strong all the time. She wants everyone to know that God won’t give you a situation/trial that you cannot handle; he knows who we are and what we can take upon ourselves. I have confidence in God and I am assured by my church family and friends that God’s plans are always victorious.
Forgive someone who has done you wrong, and forget the situation. When somebody looks at us as if we’re worthless, normally our automatic reaction is to treat them like they did us, but we shouldn’t. We are to treat them like we would want someone to act towards us. For example, my best friend and I used to talk every day and do what best friends do- look out for each other, and care for one another. One day she just snapped, she was rude and hateful towards me and talked behind my back, so I just ignored her cruel words and I’m glad I did because apparently things at home weren’t going so well for her and she just so happened to take it out on me because she didn’t know how to control her feelings. The best option is to forgive and forget.
Lander, Itzhak. “Towards the Incorporation of Forgiveness Therapy in Healing the Complex Trauma of Parental Incarceration.” Ebscohost, 2012, pp. 1-41
Itzhak Lander wrote, “Towards the Incorporation of forgiveness Therapy in Healing the Complex Trauma of Parental Incarceration” and talks about forgiveness therapy and how it can help children cope and understand the trauma that they have gone through. The author talks about forgiveness therapy and how it can help an individual overcome the pain that they’ve gone through. This article shows that forgiveness is an important thing in life that we all need to feel whole again. It reminds me that we all need to think about what is going on in other’s lives to understand the way that they’re acting. Some people have experienced some complex trauma and don’t know how they should handle it. Thus, we need to forgive each other and move on. Don’t misinterpret though, there's a difference in forgiving others and letting them treat you badly for no reason.
Love is like endless acts of forgiveness. I know that God loves every one of us, and constantly forgives us when we ask because he loves us an endless amount. Whether we’ll admit it or not, no matter how much we love somebody, it's sometimes best to forgive because it’s not worth losing them. Let’s love one another as Jesus loves us.
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