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Best Colleges in Illinois 2020

The choice of a future career is challenging. Still, when you decided to choose a college or a university to get a higher education, it can sometimes be more difficult, especially if you are going to study abroad. You are being offered the best colleges in Illinois that can boast significant achievements, outstanding professors, and diligent students.

The University of Illinois at Chicago

This university was founded in 1965, and it’s the only public research university in Chicago and the largest one in the city. The annual tuition fee is about $30,000. It contains 19 colleges. The university is famous for its solid training in engineering and business specialties. The medical school is considered as the largest in the USA. The research in computer science, bioengineering, and education are continuously held at the university. The amount of research funds allows the university to be in the top 50 universities in the USA.

Illinois State University

It was founded in 1857, and almost at once got its motto “Gladly we learn and teach” appeared. More than 20,000 students are studying at the university, and the teaching staff consists of more than employees. Education is provided at 35 faculties for 160 specialties. There are about 1,000 international students (including those from Southeast Asia, China, Korea, Japan, India, Europe, Middle East countries) at the university. Students are enrolled according to exam results and their application essays. International students who don’t know the language well enough or have no idea how to write it can ask professionals to write college essays for money.

Loyola University of Chicago

It’s a private catholic research university that was founded by Jesuits. The гniversity actively participates in international student and faculty exchange programs with other institutions of higher education. Students have an opportunity to live on campus. The cost of studying at university is quite high and is 35,000 per year. It will also be challenging to save money while studying for a master's degree, as the cost of studying is 17,000 per year. Despite this, university students may apply for financial assistance from the university.

Illinois College

This private college is connected with the United Church of Christ and the Presbyterian Church. The students from Yale College, who traveled across the country to establish new colleges, founded in 1829. Despite a small number of students (about 1100), studying is delivered at the highest level. There are a lot of sports opportunities both for girls and guys: football, tennis, swimming, softball, golf, and of course, cheerleading.

Illinois Wesleyan University

This is an independent humanitarian college for undergraduates. The college staff is actively engaged in scientific activity, including publishing a few journals in political science, economics, history, and English. Articles range from fundamental case studies to targeted research at the highest level. The College of Liberal Arts, 17 departments, the extensive library, is an integral part of the university.
Illinois is rich in universities, and it’s not a complete list of them. We put together only the best ones.

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